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Unique Wedding Experiences

By | September 15, 2014

Before the wedding bells, you can consider combining a family wedding and an exciting honeymoon all in one trip. If you are looking to charter a yacht in Singapore, you can count on GrandYachtCharters.com to help make it happen. Many couples choose to have their wedding photos taken on the yacht, while their guests enjoy a relaxing stopoff at a local port of call.

yacht rental

There are lots of other sites, like the fabulous Singapore Zoo and the stunning Bhuddha Tooth Temple and Museum.

The Wedding

There are many types of boats you can hire, from a small vessel for an intimate ceremony to a large sailing ship that can comfortably accommodate hundreds of guests.

All these wonderful and beautiful experiences can be part of your yacht wedding experience in Singapore and as you arrive in the tropical South East Asian Country, take this opportunity to gather old and new loved ones at places like:

· Singapore Flyer: The region’s signature Ferris wheel is over 54 stories tall, and each one of the 28 air-conditioned capsules can carry 28 passengers at a time. The site includes a tropical rainforest garden.

· ArtScience Museum: The first facility of its kind has a roof that resembles a giant lotus flower; the roof doubles as a rainwater collection center.

Below are some beautiful hotels in Singapore that will guarantee to mesmerise you and your partner.

· Fullerton Hotel: This historic waterfront hotel is in the classic Palladian style; recent upgrades include a chocolate bar on Friday and Saturday nights, complimentary in-room Internet access and two new posh restaurants.

· Shangri-La Resort: This aptly-named hotel is just a few steps from the beaches on Sentosa Island. The hotel has lots of attractions for kids, like a fun waterslide and a kids’ club.

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I have seen it before from close friends that engage them, they are able to handle all the necessary arrangements for any size wedding, and they will go the extra mile to make sure you have the best experience possible. Call them today for all your chartering needs.


A Very Simple Guide in Choosing Wedding Rings‏

By | August 14, 2014

For many people, their wedding ring may be the most expensive or even the only piece of jewelry that they will wear or own. In this way it is vital that the right ring is picked out of the thousands that are accessible. The decisions are practically interminable yet I will attempt and provide for you a couple. Wedding rings are customarily worn on the left ring finger in light of the fact that it was accepted that the vein in that finger went straight to the heart

It is a decent thought to have your engagement and wedding ring made out of the same metal in the event that they are going to be worn by one another. This is on account of over a time of time a harder metal, for example, 9ct gold would wear down a milder metal, for example, 18ct gold. 

Numerous distinctive examples are accessible in wedding rings, for example, a plain band or a wound example or imprinting. Rings might be made of a few groups interweaved together so they move around one another despite the fact that they are as one ring. A portion of the names of diverse styles of wedding rings are meshed, pounded, Celtic and precious stone. 

Celtic gems is accessible in numerous diverse structures and outlines, for example, Celtic knot work. The most well known type of Celtic gems is the Celtic ring which numerous individuals pick for their wedding rings or groups, engagement rings, guarantee rings furthermore kinship rings. 

wedding ring

wedding ring

A few couples have their names and the date of the wedding engraved into their wedding rings to reinforce the imagery and nostalgia of the rings as they get to be family treasures. 

Wedding rings can cost anything from just a couple of dollars to thousands upon a huge number of dollars. It depends absolutely on what you are purchasing, what your funding is and what kind of value you are searching for. 

Wedding rings might be perfectly customized to suit you, you could pick valuable stones to be set into your ring, for example, jewels, emeralds, sapphires, rubies and a lot of people more. Conception stones are a particular touch to a ring likewise as an uncommon thought.

4 Tips For a Good Wedding Video‏

By | August 2, 2014

In singapore, wedding films are being more and more popular. What is the best way of recording a wedding video? You have so much ideas and themes that you want to go into, but you don’t know where to start. On your actual day, there will be emotions overflowing and you don’t know which important aspic to cover.

ok you're not Adam Sandler

ok you’re not Adam Sandler

There are so much details that you have planned and prepared for the big day, the logistics, the operations, the decorations, the gowns, the themes and wedding favours! Where to look for WEDDING VIDEOGRAPHY SINGAPORE? You have no time! These are the unique items that you have personalised to  make it special for you!

So the last thing that you want is definitely another wedding video that looks like the same as everyone else. After all, you also spent quite a bit on the wedding video, don’t you?

wedding videography singapore

In Singapore, coming up with a good wedding video takes good video editing skills and great emotion capturing ideas and experiences. Other than looking through the videgrapher’s portfolio, here are four tips you can look out for to make yours the wedding video that is unique.

Often, too many couples have a wedding theme but don’t stick to it. Once you have your theme, set colour tones to go with out and you have settled the base of your wedding. Use the colour and themes throughout, be it for your wedding favours, entourage’s attire, as well as your Wedding Videographies in Singapore style and get the best video =). Communicate with your videographer so that they will know and understand your theme and capture those to put it in line with your theme.

Special Requests
If you have special requests to film on special items, be sure to communicate with the videographer and let them know. If you don’t say, they will not know. Meet up with the videographer with you and your partner, have ample discussions and brainstorm sessions. Let them know the wedding theme, locations and the overall happenings on that day. If you want your special family heirloom to be featured, or your parents to be featured, be sure to let them know. If you are planning a special performance, have special friends or relatives flying in from other countries, have special customs, religious or traditional cultural activities to go through, be sure to let the videographer know.

Communicate with the Photographer
If you engaged a separate photographer, be sure to let the videographer communicate with him or her. As both artists thinks their camera matters most, they are eventually and ultimately doing you a favour. You pay good money to get good photos and videos and you don’t want them to be in the way of each other.

Make sure to communicate with them and get the best pictures and videos out from your wedding. Have them cooperate well, not to get in the way of the videos and photos and blocking and spoiling the image is the utmost importance. Check the ambience, the editing to make sure your wedding theme, decoration, colour, music, mood, and everything goes well and in line with the photos and videos.

Personal Touch
Lastly, it is your wedding day, it is your special day. Make it personal, discuss with the videographer and make sure to personalise it. Only then will it make it into a unique video, because you and your partner are unique! Get the videographer to take note of the theme, the colours, the decoration and get the videos in line with it accordingly.

The bridesmaids’ dresses, the whole wedding theme, the banquet, the chairs, the tables, the wedding favours, all of these have to be put into consideration. Whether is it a classic wedding theme or a contemporary one, or is it a casual or formal one, if you have certain fonts and styles and music that you want, communicate with the videographer to take note of it.